December 21, 2021 - Help Another

Our service—whether great or small—refines our spirits, opens the windows of heaven, and releases God’s blessings not only upon those we serve but upon us as well. When we reach out to others, we can know with humble confidence that God acknowledges our service with approval and approbation. He smiles upon us as we offer these heartfelt acts of compassion, especially acts that are unseen and unnoticed by others.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "The Greatest among You", General Conference, April 2017

Service to somebody else doesn't need to be grand or require a full day out of our lives. Sure, that type of service is also needed but service that is quiet, seemingly insignificant, and heartfelt is the type of service that Jesus gave.

Service to another can be as simple as a listening ear for what another is trudging through. Service can be helping to clean up a mess that wasn't caused by you. Service can be a phone call to another just to say hello.

Service, to me, isn't doing some heavy lifting for someone who can't do it themselves (although that's needed too at times). Service is forgetting yourself and your burdens and putting your focus on another and their burdens to help ease those burdens in any way. That's service.

Jesus didn't serve others for notoriety. There were no selfish motives in His actions. He helped others lift their burdens because of pure love for them as His sister or brother. And that's where I need to be with my intentions.

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