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December 20, 2021 - Stay Close

Certainly one of our God-given privileges is the right to choose what our attitude will be in any given set of circumstances. We can let the events that surround us determine our actions—or we can personally take charge and rule our lives, using as guidelines the principles of pure religion. Pure religion is learning the gospel of Jesus Christ and then putting it into action. Nothing will ever be of real benefit to us until it is incorporated into our own lives.

Marvin J. Ashton, "Pure Religion", General Conference, October 1982

In life, especially these days, there is falsehood all around and those trying to derail us as disciples of Christ, and they claim to do it in the name of Christ, especially when it comes to "mormonism". Nothing irritates me more than that. But.... I have a choice. I could let these actions of others affect me or I can live the higher law, as did Christ Himself, and just smile and move on.

I have friends that have decided to listen to these falsehoods and it breaks my heart. And I fear that these falsehoods could one day make their way into my heart and that scares me. I need to stay close to Jesus Christ.

As a follower of Christ, there is no retaliation in His example and teachings. He loves everyone despite their choices and actions and He sees them for their divine potential, not defined by what they are currently doing.

I am trying to be like that. I am trying to see others for what they truly are....children of Heavenly Father, despite their actions and my emotions they happen to invoke, or try to invoke, in a given situation.

Stay close to Christ. That is the only way through.

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