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December 18, 2020 - Act as if nobody is watching

The greatest, most capable, most accomplished man who ever walked this earth was also the most humble. He performed some of His most impressive service in private moments, with only a few observers, whom He asked to “tell no man” what He had done. When someone called Him “good,” He quickly deflected the compliment, insisting that only God is truly good. Clearly the praise of the world meant nothing to Him; His single purpose was to serve His Father and “do always those things that please him.” We would do well to follow the example of our Master.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "On Being Genuine", General Conference, April 2015

Everyday I see others acting so that those around them can see how good they are. Others act to show off, or to show up. They want those around them to see their accomplishments, see how hard they worked (or didn't work in some cases). Or, I see those that want others to feel sorry for them, as if they're the only ones whose life was hard.

I see this behavior all the time. In society, in associates, on TV, especially sports.

I find myself.. uh.. asking myself if I exhibit that behavior too. The mere fact that I pay attention to it means I care what others think of me. Maybe I'm envious. It is only natural after all, right? To be liked. To be accepted. To be wanted and needed. But, of whom do I seek this approval and acceptance? That's the real question. Am I giving in to my natural-man nature? Am I using that as an excuse? Was I born this way (to use the popular excuse)?

I find, too often, I use excuses for my lack of change, lack of progress. My natural side overcomes my spiritual side too much. And that's why I am learn to stop that from happening.

I am not meant to be limited by my mortal shortcomings. My spirit can rise as high as I let it. My body may not....right now, anyway. It will someday though.

Anyway, I digress. My point being, that Christ is the polar opposite to what we see everywhere around us. He did marvelous and wonderful things, but we only know of a few, only because someone was watching. Many times, nobody was watching and He still did great things.

Do I act differently when nobody is watching? I don't want to, but I am mortal (but that's not an excuse).

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