December 17, 2021 - Can't Afford Not To

=If most of the information you get comes from social or other media, your ability to hear the whisperings of the Spirit will be diminished. If you are not also seeking the Lord through daily prayer and gospel study, you leave yourself vulnerable to philosophies that may be intriguing but are not true. Even Saints who are otherwise faithful can be derailed by the steady beat of Babylon’s band.

President Russell M. Nelson, " Make Time For the Lord ", General Conference, October 2021

I think sometimes I think that there's no way I can be derailed. Satan will not distinguish my testimony, my light.

The truth is, that it happens imperceptibly. I don't notice it. Then, before I know it, it's too late.

So I can't afford not to do the small things, like daily prayer and scripture study. In the eternal scheme of life, not just this earthly life, I can't afford not to make time for the Lord daily.

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