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December 17, 2020 - Feel the power

We make ourselves available and choose to be reborn, but it is through Jesus’s labor, blood, sweat, tears, and visit through death’s door that we are actually able to be reborn. The Spirit is who brings all of the power of His sacrifice into our souls.

David Butler, "Spirit : The gift that connects you to heaven", Deseret Book, 2020

This got my attention. I read this and first thing that came to my mind was electricity.

We all need electricity in our temporal lives. Well...we don't "need" it but that negates my point if I say otherwise.

Electricity powers pretty much everything we use on a daily basis. From simple light switches, to kitchen appliances, to AC/heat, to some vehicles, to TV/movie theaters, to computers/phones, to whatever comes to mind. And the source of that electricity comes to us from the power company.

So, when we move to a new house, for example. We need that power, that electricity. We call up the power company and ask for it. They go through their checks and balances to make sure we're credit worthy of such power. Then, if we are, they turn the power on and life is good.

What Christ did for each of us is like what the electric companies do. Well, kind of. Crude analogy but fits my point. We need Christ's power to survive.

Christ paid the price. He suffered. He bled. He died. For me. For you. We don't have to suffer. All we have to do is ask for that power to liven up our lives. Heavenly Father and Christ then determine if and how worthy we are and how much of His power we get based on our faith in Christ. Then that power is given to us, through the Spirit. We don't take it. It is not ours.

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