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December 13, 2021 - Identity

Through direct teachings during his mortal life and through instruction given to both ancient and modern prophets which are found recorded in the sacred scriptures, the Savior left all mankind sufficient teachings for each one to understand himself and to find his own, true identity. It comes only through knowledge of and obedience to the commandments.

Victor L. Brown, "Finding One's Identity", General Conference, April 1983

I've been thinking a lot about my true identity lately. I find myself thinking of my own worth in terms of my physical self and my capabilities and abilities that go along with that thinking. I tend to do this instead of viewing myself as a spiritual being... a son of God.

It's been said, "I'm not a physical being having a spiritual experience... I'm a spiritual being having a physical experience"!

My overcoming my physical tendencies and limitations is dependent on how I see myself. My mind is full of these limiting beliefs that keep me from reaching higher planes. Beliefs like, "this is hard", "I don't have energy or motivation to do that", or "my limitations keep me from doing that".

Changing my identity, how I see myself, will allow me to change myself and become the person I have the divine potential to be.

So, the question becomes...."how can I view myself differently?"..... "how can I change my identity?"

The the scriptures. Knowing them and living them.

As I better know the gospel, I will begin to see myself as God sees me....despite my physical tendencies and limitations. He sees me as His son, not as a person with a broken body here on earth. That's how self-esteem is improved. That's how self-confidence is strengthened.

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