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December 1, 2021 - Learn and Love

Today we would be wise to follow Christ’s sterling example. You and I need to become prayerful by nature, and we need to increase in wisdom by studying the gospel of Jesus Christ from trusted sources. The Savior’s trusted sources, demonstrated by how He responded to questions, included the scriptures of His day. His knowledge wasn’t just accurate; it illustrated a breadth and depth of . Those trusted sources for Jesus of Nazareth included the words of the ancient prophets.

W. Mark Bassett, "Take Heed and Go Forth", BYU Speeches, November 16, 2021

I always thought that the knowledge Christ had while on this earth was given to Him by direct instruction by His Father, much like Adam and Eve when driven out, they received revelation from time to time. I just assumed special circumstances required special heavenly visits.

It never really occurred to me that Christ studied the scriptures and the words of the prophets while He tarried here. Afterall, He was Jehova of the Old Testament therefore He was the one whose words were written down anciently in the first place. But like all of us He had a veil put before His mind which required Him to learn again who He was and why He was here.

He was a student of the gospel. He learned it, He lived it. He loved it.

All Christ did while on this earth was learn and serve. He had moments of quiet, contemplative communion with His Father, and He also had moments of lifting others. I'm sure He ate and slept somewhere in there too. He is the example of selfless love and quiet wisdom.

He not only commanded us to love God and our neighbor, but that's all He did while here, that's how He lived. There is no better way that I know of to show our love to God, than to learn of Him. The more we learn of Him, the more want to follow Him and be like Him.

There is no better way to love our fellow children of God, than to serve them.

Granted, we all have other responsibilities to be able to live in this life, but we can still follow Christ's example and increase in knowledge and help our fellow man and woman.

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