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August 9, 2020 - Half a penny!

As we continue in faith, the Lord gradually changes us. We receive His image in our countenance and begin to reflect the love and beauty of His character. As we become more like Him, we will feel at home in His house, and He will feel at home in ours.

Elder L. Whitney Clayton, "The Finest Homes", General Conference, April 2020

I know that we adorn the Lord's house with finest quality materials that we can find. But, is that because He wants it and is asking for it? Or is that because we are giving Him our best in everything, including construction materials, and showing Him that He deserves only the best from us?

While we give Him our very best for His house in terms of material quality, He only expects our best in terms of ourselves for our house. That's what will make Him comfortable in our homes. Not the quality of materials used to construct it, but the quality of the person inside it.

It is far more important that we give Him our best selves in everything we do than it is to adorn our halls with gold and lavish art. He is looking for humble and meek, not expense and fine taste.

He expects quality, not quantity.

Consider the poor widow who gave two mites in the book of Mark, which is worth a farthing, which, in terms that we understand in today's world, is less than half a penny.

Half a penny! Not even a whole penny. And what did the Lord say? This woman gave more than everyone who donated (not in terms of quantity), because she gave everything she had in her possession. 100% to the Lord.

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