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August 8, 2020 - Can He fix it?

Now, who made you? Who is your Creator? There is not anything about your life that gets bent or broken that He cannot fix and will fix. You have to decide. If some of you have made mistakes and you think you are broken and cannot be put together, you do not know the doctrine of the Church. You do not know what the Atonement was about and who the Lord is and what a power He is in your life.

President Boyd K. Packer, "The Instrument of Your Mind and the Foundation of Your Character", BYU Speeches, February 3, 2003

This quote reminded me of a video that Kyle,... er Elder Pullin, put together about a week ago and posted to the mission Facebook page. In it, he and his companion say this exact thing....Christ can mend anything that is broken.

Understanding the power of the Atonement, not necessarily knowing it completely, is crucial to being fixed, being repaired. That power is way beyond anything that we can fathom right now. That power, Christ's power, can literally repair ANY crack, or scuff, or shattered mess, or any missing piece in our lives. Anything. He created worlds for heaven's sakes....why do we think He cannot repair us, or repair us completely? Until we cannot see where we were broken in the first place? matter what's broken in our lives, He can fix it....but not necessarily right away. But why not? Well, it could be that we are keeping a foot in Babylon and not submitting 100%. It could be that there is something still we need to learn even though we have submitted 100%. It could be just that the it's not in the Lord's will right now. There are many reasons that we aren't seeing miracles.

But one thing is for certain...miracles will not come until sometime after "the trial of our faith". Notice how that phrase doesn't say after our expression of faith, or our profession of faith? No....after the TRIAL of our faith. We need to go through something.

So we can be confident that as we work on our faith, miracles will happen and we will be repaired 100% from whatever hits us. doesn't mean right away. So keep building faith. That should be our focus.

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