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August 7, 2020 - Make it rain

The man of the world has his heart focused upon his temporal net worth. The man of integrity has his heart focused upon his spiritual net worth. No doubt there will be a lot of millionaires, even billionaires, who in the life to come will find themselves spiritually bankrupt and a lot of goodly Saints who with meager net worths will become spiritual billionaires—discovering that integrity has been the wisest investment of all. Those with integrity have that eternal foresight.

Brother Tad R. Callister, "Becoming Men and Women of Integrity", BYU Speeches, December 6, 2011

Can you imagine that day, when we will begin our life to come? Will we have regrets? Will we be excited? Think about how you felt when you missed the school bus, or when you were late for very important meeting, or when someone else was chosen for their team on the playground and you were left for last. Will we again experience those feelings, only magnified a hundred, even a million fold? Will we miss the mark, the very purpose for our being here?

Think about how you will feel when you stand face to face with the very Christ, who beckons you by name, and who knows every thought you ever had and are having, and who pierces your soul with His gaze. Will we have the confidence in what we have done in this life to meet His gaze? Or will we look down, ashamed of who we become knowing we can't hide anything anymore?

It is at that moment that we will either be spiritual millionaires or billionaires. Or we will be spiritually bankrupt. The focus of our hearts and minds this very moment, now, today, either deposits or withdrawals currency to or from our spiritual bank accounts.

At the beginning of our next life, will our spiritual bank accounts be substantially full or overdrawn?

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