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August 6, 2020 - Rise up

The Lord always wants to lead us to deliverance through our becoming more righteous. That requires repentance. And that takes humility. So the way to deliverance always requires humility in order for the Lord to be able to lead us by the hand where He wants to take us through our troubles and on to sanctification.

President Henry B. Eyring, "The Power of Deliverance", BYU Speeches, January 15, 2008

Many times I make an assumption that what I go through will and has made me humble enough, that I don't need to focus on becoming more humble. But am I sufficiently humble? The mere fact that I question sometimes whether I need to work on it means that I am not sufficiently humble. And obviously not, since I still need to learn something from my trials. But do my challenges mean I'm being compelled? Are any of us sufficiently humble when we are always compelled to be?

Of course not. D&C 58:26 teaches us that we are lazy and unwise if we have to compelled in all things. Sure, we face trials and challenges that do allow us to be more humble, if we are in the right mindset. But does that mean that I wasn't humble at all beforehand so I had to be forced to be humble?

By the way, the definition of compel uses phrases like forceful and overwhelming. So, to be compelled to be humble means to be forced into humility.

The Lord does not force us to do anything. But...He allows things to happen to us, and sometimes those things are forceful and overwhelming. We have challenges so we can be elevated to a higher realm. And sometimes we are sitting on ground zero so there is only up. He loves us so much and He knows we can and should be lifted to a higher plane, so obstacles arise in our path. It doesn't mean that we were going the completely wrong direction so we had to be compelled to reverse direction, although that does happen... but it means that He wants to lift us higher. And by allowing trials and challenges to confront us, we can be lifted to a higher plane, if we let go of pride and humble ourselves before we are compelled to do so.

So, to summarize, being hit with trials does not mean that we are being compelled, in other words, slothful, so we need correcting. Being hit with trials means that there is something further to learn so that we can reach even higher levels of spirituality and get closer to being Christlike. So...not all trials are evidence of wrongdoing, but evidence that God loves us enough to help us rise.

"Rise up, let us go" - Mark 14:42

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