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August 30, 2021 - Spiritual Bankruptcy

The Great Depression we now face has less to do with the external loss of our savings and more to do with the internal loss of our self-confidence, with real deficits of faith and hope and charity all around us. But the instruments we need to create a brighter day and grow an economy of genuine goodness in society are abundantly provided for in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot afford—and this world cannot afford—our failure to put these gospel concepts and fortifying covenants to full use personally and publicly.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "Not as the World Giveth", General Conference, April 2021

Unfortunately, in this life, in today's world, we put a lot of stuff on credit. We get into enormous amounts debt. Partly because there are things that are absolutely necessary, like a house. But there are also things we don't need but that help us to keep up with Jones'. And so we end up in that trap, sometimes, anyway.

Even more unfortunately, nowadays, we use a lot of spiritual credit too. We end up with the heavy burden of spiritual debt at times. Sometimes our mindset is that we want what we want now so we'll put it on credit to buy it and we figure we'll pay the price later. When you factor in spiritual interest, spiritual income, and other circumstances, that price is too high. We can't pay it so we end up going spiritually bankrupt.

Of course I'm speaking rhetorically but we all do this at one point or another to some degree or another, maybe not to the point of spiritual bankruptcy.

Fortunately, we have Someone who has already paid our credit bill to a $0 balance....but we have to accept what He's done and spiritually sign on the dotted line, for it to take affect. Otherwise, spiritual bankruptcy is inevitable.

Point is, an Apostle of the Lord is literally telling us not to go into spiritual debt. Not anymore. He is saying we cannot afford not to live the gospel and the commandments. So, it is up to each one of us to heed his warning....because, the reality is, God, Himself, is warning us.

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