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August 30, 2020 - Immediately He doth bless you

If we will be prayerful, seeking wisdom from God, who is the source of all true wisdom; if we will cultivate a spirit of love and peace and harmony in our homes; if we will fulfill our assigned responsibilities in the Church with enthusiasm and faithfulness; if we will reach out to our neighbors and others in a spirit of Christian love and appreciation, helping those in distress wherever we may find them; if we will be honest with the Lord in the payment of our tithes and offerings, we shall be blessed as God has promised. Our Father has made explicit covenants with His people. He is in a position to keep those covenants. It is my testimony that He does so.

President Gordon B. Hinckley, "Fear Not To Do Good", Ensign, January 2000

We need those blessings, now more than ever. I know I do. God has promised them to us if we do our part, or try to do our part. Sounds simple but it is harder than it seems.

Good news is that God doesn't wait until we've made the long, hard journey to the end. He blesses us as long as we start walking that way.....immediately. Sometimes, or many times in my case, I can only crawl, and not just because I have a hard time walking, especially a long ways. I am figuratively and sometimes literally on my hand and knees. But I am part of His team. I am on His side.

And I am moving forward, no matter how slow. The more distance I cover, the stronger I get and the more able I am to walk upright and for longer distances. And I am speaking spiritually (although physically too I wouldn't complain).

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