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August 3, 2020 - He is pruning us

If you will always keep in mind that you are actually the children of your Heavenly Father, that there is something of Him in you, and that you may aspire to become something like that from which you came and cooperate with Him in the unfinished work of creation, you will remember that His plan for the salvation of His children had purpose behind it—a design to be carried out. If you keep these great truths in mind, you will be fortified and sustained, whatever life may hold for you.

President Hugh B. Brown, "God Is the Gardener", BYU Speeches, May 31, 1968

President Brown talks about how he pruned a bush as the gardener on his farm and how that bush went from being tall and grand, but bearing no blossom or fruit... to being nothing but a series of stumps after he pruned it in hopes to correct its growth in order to produce.

In comparison, our lives are filled with disappointment and sorrow. Heavenly Father, as our Gardener, takes His pruning shears and cuts us down to a series of stumps, redirecting our growth, in an effort to help us produce.

Many times, all we focus on is the hurt, the pain. But, after time, we look back and realize that we wouldn't have what we have if He didn't prune us down so we could regrow.

Heavenly Father is literally our Father. He knows us better than we'll ever know ourselves in this life. His sole purpose is to see us reach eternal life, His life, with Him. That is all He does. He doesn't take a break, get up and walk around a bit, get some fresh air or some vitamin D, and maybe get a drink of water, use the restroom, or go for a walk. No... He is constantly thinking of and watching you and me, and what He can do to help us choose Him and His path to eternal life. That is His work. That is His glory.

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