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August 28, 2021 - I'm Free

The world has a long history of rejecting that which it does not understand. And it has particular trouble understanding things it cannot see. But just because we cannot see something with our physical eyes does not mean it doesn’t exist. Indeed, “there are more things in heaven and earth … than are dreamt of” in our textbooks, scientific journals, and worldly philosophies. The universe is filled with wonders profound and astonishing—things that can be comprehended only through spiritual eyes.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Be Not Afraid, Only Believe", General Conference, October 2015

We will utterly be amazed, in my opinion, when we pass from this life into a not-mortal world in heaven. Number one, we will no longer be carrying around an immense weight that is our mortality. The sheer weight of our mortal bodies will be lifted and we will be surprised of how in the world we carried that around for so long.

Number two, we will be astonished at the sheer wonder, and awe, and glory, and majesty, and beauty of the things of heaven. We think that some areas of this world are astonishing and beautiful but they are nothing compared to the beauty of heaven. Heaven will make our earth's beautiful locations seem like a flat, lifeless terrain.

Number three, I want to emphasize that just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there or doesn't exist. For example, the Great Wall of China.... I've never seen it but I know it exists. Others have seen it but I haven't. Others have communicated and written about it so it must be true. The same logic with the gospel and the existence of God. I've never seen Him but I know He exists. Others have seen Him but I haven't. Others have communicated and written about Him so it must be true.

One difference though, when God tells you that He is true, it supersedes everything else in life for He cannot lie.

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