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August 27, 2021 - Opposition in Everything

What I've come to realize is that the Savior’s been there the whole. Really all I had to do was to turn back around.

Aaron" Wheelz" Fotheringham, Overcoming Is Possible, Wheelz—Overcoming Is Possible

Life is full of happinesses and sorrows. Life is full of triumphs and failures. Life is full of ups and downs. Indeed life is full of opposites. There is literally opposition in everything that faces us. The good wouldn't exist if there wasn't the bad.

Sometimes... well a lot, if you're like me, we focus on the negative side of that coin, whether we intend to or not. It's just natural, yea mortal, to do so. We lose a loved one... we focus on the loss. We lose a job... we fear the future. We get a devastating illness... we focus on what we can't do anymore. We make a mistake...we feel worthless. We just do.

But there is also, of course, opposition to that negative, we just need to "turn around". It can be very difficult to turn around though. But what awaits on the other end is glorious. It is pure joy. It is love and acceptance. It is forgiveness. It us our Brother, Jesus Christ.

Turn around and face the positive of this opposition.

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