August 26, 2020 - Here and now

It is not by chance that you are here at this important time in the history of the Lord’s work. It is your opportunity to declare this message of the Restoration with greater force and effect than any of the previous generations. You have been preserved and prepared for your time on earth to be a part of this great army, to make this the most exciting period in the history of mankind in declaring the gospel of our Lord and Savior to our Father in Heaven’s children. You are better educated and trained for this responsibility than any of the other generations which have inherited the earth. If your declarations are to have any force and effect, your words must be backed up by your actions. The Lord has established the standards and values you must live by to receive His blessings. The world is struggling today to understand the benefits of living His standards.

Elder L. Tom Perry, "Accept the Challenge", Ensign, August 2002

I think about the pioneers and what they went through in their day. I think about how life was. I think about society in general at that time. How would I have been? Today I'm spoiled with technology and I don't have to suffer like they did. Granted, our fight now is much more spiritual than it is physical.

But my point is, I wonder if those pioneers received the same pep talks. The same motivational, feel good, leadership that we see today. Did they hear words like "you men and women are making history in this church. You are part of an elite group saved to come to earth at this time?"

They didn't know what impact and influence their struggles or their stories would have on future generations. They just went about life trying the best they could.

Is it the same for us? We don't know what impact or influence our stories or struggles will have on others down the road. We were saved to come to earth now. That is by divine design. We can't just go through life as if it was happenstance that we were born at this time. There is a reason we are here now. We each need to find out what that reason is.

All we can do is our best. Because, somebody, somewhere, will pay attention to you, and to me, and how we lived through our challenges and trials, as well as our happy times. Down the road, we will be the ones admired for living through the "last dispensation".

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