August 25, 2021 - Face the Light

My dear brothers and sisters, you will feel the hand of God stretching out over you. The God of the universe will infuse you with the strength and motivation to do better. There will be mistakes and stumbles in the future. But just as each sunrise signals the beginning of a new day, each time we repent, we make a fresh start on our path of discipleship. We can begin again. Over and over, day after day, we can begin again.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "Five Messages That All of God’s Children Need to Hear", BYU Speeches, August 17, 2021

Isn't it amazing the sheer amount of chances we get to be better? We can mess up and then repent and be better. We can mess up again, making the same mistake, then repent and be better. Over and over again we can mess up then repent and try harder to be better. That is so comforting to me.

Two points come to mind here.

One, is that God truly wants us back to live with Him, in fact, He needs all of us to live with Him again. However, because of making the wrong choices and soiling our souls, it is not possible to live with Him again as soiled individuals. Not because He also has choice and He chooses not to be with us because we're bad influences and He doesn't want to associate with that. But because He is perfect. He is clean. I don't know if you want to call it eternal physics or what but it defies eternal law to be unclean around clean. He would literally cease to be God if that somehow happened. But He will not cease to be God and therefore it pains Him that He cannot live with all of His children for eternity.

Gratefully, He provided a way, through His Son, where can make the unclean clean again and the live with Him in eternal life. And that can happen over and over again until our unclean everythings become clean everythings.

Two, is that we need to be careful not to trivialize this process and think "I can purposefully make the same mistake and then later God will forgive me". I do that sometimes. I know I shouldn't but I do. He knows my heart. He knows my intentions. I cannot try and fool Him. Pre-meditation to do something wrong is not the same thing as accidentally doing something wrong. In fact, just thinking about doing something wrong is another wrong. That shows where my heart lies. But even that wrong can be corrected through Jesus Christ.

Point is, Heavenly Father wants to live with us again too, more than we can understand right now. He provided the way for us to get there. He provided tools to guide and help us get there. He has done everything to see that we make it back short of forcing us to make it back. It is up to each of us to make use of what He provided and get back. Christ will help us travel back, carry us if need be, but we need to be facing that way.

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