August 25, 2020 - An eternal perspective

I promise that as you plan, prioritize, and act with humble faith in God’s love and in the Atonement of Jesus Christ, you will develop an eternal perspective that will help you overcome the challenges of your life and you will feel unexpected, even indescribable, joy. You will be guided and blessed, lifted and strengthened to follow the covenant path that leads to becoming your very best eternal self.

Sister Jean B. Bingham, "How to Be Happy Now—and Forever", BYU Speeches, December 10, 2019

I'm this talk, Sister Bingham says that as we stand on train tracks and look down the tracks, they actually become narrower (not that she's the first to ever do that). 😊

Is that because the tracks actually narrow? Of course not. They stay the same width but our perspective, our focus, our vision, causes them to appear as closer together until they appear as one track.

That is the perspective that comes as part of mortality. We tend to view things as they appear and then think that that is how things really are. When others do that very thing and then express to someone else what they see, that that is how things are....we tend to believe them. Especially if they are in a position of authority, like a teacher, a leader, or even a bishop. And what we hear adds or detracts from our having joy.

I'm not saying that what we hear is usually wrong or that we can't trust others. What I am saying is that there is One who can and will confirm or deny what we hear or read or see. We can always trust Him.

Heavenly Father will never detract from our having joy. In fact, His purpose is to help us find and keep joy. Afterall, man (and woman) are that they have joy. So, He is the only source to know how things actually are. He has no agenda. He will never deceive. He sees the entire picture. His perspective is eternal and never narrowing.

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