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August 24, 2021 - Faith vs Discovery

Placing reason before faith also implies that things discovered through scientific or historical inquiry are fully known, but such knowledge is incomplete and experimental.

Keith A. Erekson, Real vs Rumor, Deseret Book 2021

I wonder how many people, who lived in the time of Pythagoras (about 500 BC), believed that the earth was flat because nobody could tell them differently, or rather prove to them that the earth was not flat, until Pythagoras theorized that it is indeed round.

Or, I wonder how many people, who lived in the time of Capernicus (in the early 16th century), believed that the earth was the center of the universe, until Capernicus said, no, the sun is the center. Don't get me started on how he was treated by the church during those dark ages for his ideals and theories.

Or, I wonder how many people, who lived in the time of Alexander Graham Bell (late 19th century), believed that the only way to correspond with another person was via a letter sent through the US Postal Service. Then Bell created the first patent for the telephone.

Point is, are we doing the exact same thing until someone comes along and proves otherwise? Would we believe a heretic who says the sun is the center of the universe and go against all society? How would we react to that, to something that totally destroys our perspective on things?

Two things: One, is that that is exactly what faith is. To believe that there is something more, something we don't understand completely or even know about yet, or even to know we don't know about it yet. And, two, only One knows any and all things, even things that aren't even on our radar yet. Would we take His word over someone who says there is no more because it hasn't been discovered yet or because it hasn't even been a twinkling in someone's mind?

We never know what is possible until it becomes possible. And, with Christ, ANYTHING is possible.

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