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August 23, 2021 - Pure Love

[W]e have to be careful that love and empathy do not get interpreted as condoning and advocacy, or that orthodoxy and loyalty to principle not be interpreted as unkindness or disloyalty to people. As near as I can tell, Christ never once withheld His love from anyone, but He also never once said to anyone, ‘Because I love you, you are exempt from keeping my commandments.’ We are tasked with trying to strike that same sensitive, demanding balance in our lives.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, BYU Annual University Conference, August 23, 2021

In a world full of double standards and full of backwards vision where evil is good and good is evil, we absolutely need to be mindful that we stand up for what is good, as defined by God. The world needs us more than ever to stand strong for what is right, for what we believe, and for what God has directed to be His will. All while showing Christlike love for everyone.

The ONLY way to do just that effectively is by having the companionship of the Spirit. Without the Spirit with us, it is impossible to love everyone with Christlike love and defend the truth and the Plan of Salvation. We just can't.

Heavenly Father has given us His will and has spoken His word. We cannot change that. But we can see others as Christ sees them. That is not easy, especially when that someone is affecting your beliefs or, worse, trying to do you harm.

Imagine being mocked, ridiculed, spit upon, beaten, and cruelly nailed to a cross....and then imagine a heart full of love for those that mocked you, ridiculed you, spit upon you, beat you, and nailed you to a cross. When someone cuts me off when driving, or cuts in front of me after I've been waiting do patiently, makes me upset and angry sometimes.

How in the world can one fathom Christ not once getting upset or showing hatred despite what He went through? Not a single feeling of contempt. Not a single feeling of hatred. Just love. Pure love. I just can't fathom that. That's how I know He loves me despite the stupid things I do.

I need to be like that.

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