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August 23, 2020 - Everyday miracles

The most phenomenal occurrences of all time and eternity—the most amazing wonders, the most astounding, awesome developments—are the most common and widely recognized. They include: I am; you are; we are; and all that we perceive exists as well, from subatomic particles to the farthest reaches of the cosmos and everything in between, including all of the wonders of life. Is there anything greater than those ordinary realities? No. Nothing else even comes close. You can’t begin to imagine, much less describe, anything greater than what already is.

Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge, "Stand Forever", BYU Speeches, January 22, 2019

Many times, in fact all of the time, when I read the many miracles that Christ performed in the New Testament, I think of them as extraordinary events. Events that show the power and majesty of God. I am awed by those miraculous events. Raising the dead, giving sight to the blind, healing the sick and afflicted, multiplying bread and fish, turning water to wine, and so on.

However, the mere fact that you and I exist in the first place, is miraculous. That there are animals and trees and plants of many kinds. That there is a sun and moon. That our earth spins on it's axis. In fact, everything that we see and experience comes from God. All creation is miraculous.

Why am I not more impressed with that, than by occasional events showing the power of God? The power of God is manifest in EVERYTHING already. The fact that I am breathing and living or that I exist in the first place, is miraculous.

Raising someone from the dead is awe inspiring...but the fact that that person existed in the first place is more so.

Giving sight to the blind is awe inspiring....but the fact that our eyes can even see in the first place is more so.

Healing the sick is awe inspiring...but the fact that elements and cells all work together to keep us healthy and functioning in the first place is more so.

We see miracles every day, every time we take a second to look.

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