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August 20, 2020 - Gifts to help us

Our Heavenly Father has provided us with great and marvelous gifts for our journey here in mortality—and for the greatest quest of all: to come unto our Savior and gain eternal life. These gifts help us navigate the tests and tribulations of life: distresses, persecutions, famines (both temporal and spiritual), injuries, and even death. Without them, we cannot succeed. Yet with them, we are transformed—strengthened and readied to return to the presence of our Eternal Father and to receive all that He has.

Elder Michael T. Ringwood, "Everything We Need", BYU Speeches, January 14, 2020

When I ponder on the many gifts that I have been given so that I can successfully navigate this world, even this dark world at times. From the gift of agency, and the gift of the light of Christ, the gift of the Atonement, the gift of the Holy Ghost, the gift of the scriptures, the gift of a living prophet today, to the the gift of revelation, the gift of grace, the gift of joy, the gift of faith, and the gift of still knowing who I am as a son of God. There are many gifts that have been given and many more not professed here. We all have gifts. Many are the same, but many are our own unique gifts too.

I envision when I was getting prepared to come to earth. Similar to leaving on my mission to Brazil, I'm sure I had my Heavenly Parents and my Brother, and others, helping me get ready. And similar to my mission in 1994, as my earthly parents and siblings, and friends, made sure I had everything I needed to be successful, I know my Heavenly Parents made sure I had everything I needed to be successful on earth and everything I needed to return home.

They would not send me here to fail. They would not send you here to fail either. It is only a matter of using the gifts He has given us as we came here, and others we acquire along the way. We are assured of success, we are guaranteed eternal life, to live with our Parents again, if we but follow the commandments (another gift we've been given) and rely on our gifts as intended.

Sounds simple, I know. It's simple in concept but difficult in practice.

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