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August 2, 2021 - Nourishing Soil

Children inherit many things from their parents, but a testimony is not one of them. We can’t give our children a testimony any more than we can make a seed grow. But we can provide a nourishing environment, with good soil, free of thorns that would “choke the word.”

Jan E. Newman, "Teaching in the Savior’s Way", General Conference, April 2021

Growing up I had to lean on the testimony of others before I solidified my own. I went through a spiritually lazy phase in my life too. There are a lot of others that I know of who are going through the same phase. Looking back, I can see it wasn't spiritually or mentally easy. I still have struggles but now I have a strong testimony to weather any storm.

I grew up with the gospel in my house, so I am blessed to have been exposed to that type of environment. The soil I was planted in was nourishing and safe. I am not guilty of serious transgressions but I did not live as I should have. I am proof that a person comes around to the truth because I was taught that truth and the Atonement of Christ can correct ANY scars. I realized that my priorities were not where they should be. Maybe that's because I got a bit more mature and wiser (or so they say), or the Lord nudged me into gear, but my point is that I readjusted my priorities.

Going forward all I can do is make sure the environment around me is nourishing and safe so planted seeds can grow strong roots on their own.

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