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August 18, 2021 - Problem or Blessing

Number one on our agenda, above all else, is faith in Christ. I don’t know anything that will take the place of it. Whenever we find problems in the Church, we usually find them under one of two umbrellas or canopies, either transgression or lack of faith in Christ.

Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone, "The Torchbearer", BYU Speeches, June 5, 1983

I think this statement is very interesting. Notice that he says "problems". A problem can be very subjective. What I may consider a problem, you may see it as a blessing. Or vice versa.

But that's the point here I guess.

If I have sufficient faith in Christ, every problem, or what others may consider to be a problem, is, in fact, a blessing. With sufficient faith in Christ, my perspective is such that I see the eternal picture of this earth life and so the mortal perspective is insignificant anymore.

Case in point....I have Multiple Sclerosis. Now, to be honest, there are times when all of my inabilities, or seemingly inabilities (Phil. 4:13), add up and I wallow in my "problem", so much so that it consumes me. I struggle with what I can and can't do, because it's my life now. It's my new normal. There's a fine line though between being lazy and being realistic, and so my constant struggle is finding that line. With Christ, I can do anything. I know that. But does that mean I can do anything right now? Maybe. Certainly, if that's the will of God. But I would not go run a triathlon tomorrow when I can barely walk today. But that does not mean that someday I can't go run a triathlon.

It's all a matter of perspective. My MS can be a problem or it can be a blessing. And which way I view that depends completely on where my focus is. When I focus on myself, it's a problem. When I focus on Christ, it's a blessing. And with Him, I can do anything. I can run that triathlon, especially if He carries me, which is the way it should be anyway.

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