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August 17, 2021 - His Purpose

[If] you look at your life prayerfully, I believe you will see many ways in which the Lord has been guiding you through this time of hardship, helping you to become a more devoted, more converted man [and woman] —a true man [and woman] of God.

President Russell M. Nelson, "What We Are Learning and Will Never Forget", General Conference, April 2021

This talk was given in the Priesthood session of conference but this applies to everyone.

Notice how he says to look at our lives "prayerfully"? If I just sit and ponder on my life, I'm sure I can see the hand of God guiding me here or there. But if I "prayerfully" look at my life, my mind and heart will be opened to remember events or moments that I wouldn't think of on my own.

That's amazing to me. I truly stand all amazed.

You know, sometimes I think that I am trudging through this life alone. I think that there are others far worse off than me and that God should go help them. And sometimes I think that that is what's happening. But it's not what's happening at all.

Truth is, I have no idea how He can guide and help and support you, and me, and so-and-so, and so-and-so's sister, and every single other person, all at the same time. Sheesh, I can barely focus on keeping myself walking in a straight line and even then I can't do that without Christ's help. I can't even contemplate how God can personally help each one of us...and focus His attention on each one of us at the same time as if we are the only ones around.

All I know is that He can do that, and He does. I don't have to know how and I don't. I just know He will do that for me if I ask for His help. His entire reason and purpose is to help you and me and every other person. That must keep Him busy but being "busy" is a mortal concept. Nevertheless, He doesn't take breaks, or lunches, or go relax and catch a game or listen to inspiring music.

Kinda makes you wonder what His purpose will be AFTER we reach our final stepping stone, after all is done. Somehow, we mortals need to put limits on everything, a beginning and an end, but it won't ever be "after" for Him. His purpose will never end.

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