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August 16, 2021 - Don't Throw In the Towel

So if God does not reject nor condemn us for having unconquered weaknesses as we work out our salvation, if He is willing to wait patiently for our growth toward the ideals, what right do we have to condemn or despise ourselves while we are in the process of learning to overcome them?

Steven A. Cramer, “In the Arms of His Love”

Over and over and over again, Christ gives me another chance after another chance. He will not stop giving me another chance. Can you even fathom what kind of patience that takes?

He doesn't get frustrated. He doesn't get irritated. He doesn't momentarily lose His temper and become short with us. We have all lost our patience and became short with someone at some point. Christ does not.

Try to grasp that. Try to understand the enormity and reality of that. Think about it for a second.

So, I ask, if Christ will not become impatient after I make the exact same mistake, over and over again, why then, do I become impatient with myself? Why do I think less of myself for doing that when He does not think less of me?

I'm sure He becomes saddened when I am no longer moving in the right direction. But as long as I am moving forward, even an inch at a time, He is full of joy... for me. He is my biggest cheerleader and keep trying, keep fighting, keep enduring. Why, then, would I ever, quit and throw in the towel? He commanded us to be perfect, but He did not say when we need to attain perfection nor how long it should take..... certainly not possible in this life.

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