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August 14, 2021 - A Little Better

Becoming perfect in Jesus Christ doesn’t mean that we don’t ever make mistakes. It means that we repent and try to get a little better every day, relying on the Savior and the power of His Atonement to help us change. As we do this, His grace allows us to progress toward the highest degree of the celestial kingdom where we will live with Him, Heavenly Father, and our families forever. We will also receive all that our Father in Heaven has. None of this would be possible without the Savior.

Eric B. Murdock, "You Can Make It", For the Strength of Youth, July 2021

When I just sit and ponder things that I have to deal with, it can be a bit overwhelming. And I'm sure everyone feels like that every so often. This life is hard. This life is exhausting. This life is stressful. This life is painful.

But this life is so worth it.

What we go through is not meaningless. We put up with the difficulty, the stresses, the pain, the anguish, the exhaustion, and everything else because, on the other side, is a life far better than we can even hope for. A life of pure joy. A life of complete serenity and peace. A life without worry and stress and fear. A life without pain. A life without the mortal weight to carry around.

The key is to get a little better each and every day. We will slip and fall. But our Savior made it possible to get back up like it never happened. All we have to do is seek for that gift, for His gift to you and to me.

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