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August 11, 2020 - Take shelter

When life is in commotion and nothing seems sure or stable, when people and things are driven about by every wind of doctrine and every wave of society’s whims, when nothing seems deep-rooted or solid or permanent, how dearly we need something firm, steadfast, and immovable. How dearly we need a rock to hold on to. Jesus is that Rock.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "Witness For His Names", Deseret Book 2019

It seems like we are in a hurricane filled with swirling political correctness, disruptions in society due to the pandemic and racial injustices, corrupt politicians with their own agenda, a battle for our God given rights, not to mention the foods we eat with their GMO modifications and the sickness that stems from that. There is so much craziness in our lives.

If we're not careful, we can be swept off our feet and twirled about in this hurricane by all the negative forces that Satan has conjured up.

It's a blessing that there is shelter from this storm. We don't have to battle these winds alone. There is a Rock that is immovable. There is a Rock that is steady and sure. This Rock is solid. This Rock is firm. This Rock is always there.

All we have to do is take shelter there.

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