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August 1, 2020 - Reach for the stars

We will not become perfect in a day or a month or a year. We will not accomplish it in a lifetime, but we can begin now, starting with our more obvious weaknesses and gradually converting them to strengths as we go forward with our lives.
All of us cannot be geniuses, but we can strive for excellence. This quest may be a long one. It may be fraught with much of repentance, and it will take much of effort. Do not sell yourselves short. You are sons and daughters of God, children with a divine potential. “Look to God and live” (Alma 37:47).
I invoke the blessings of the Lord upon you, my dear friends, to reach for the stars. If you touch them, great shall be your reward. If you stumble and fall while reaching upward, you will be happy knowing you have made the effort.

President Gordon B. Hinckley, "The Quest for Excellence", BYU Speeches, November 10, 1998

Some may believe that our future is set. That our destiny is sealed. That no matter what we do, we are assigned a fate. There's no hope in that.

As the popular song goes, we can "rewrite the stars". In other words...we, you and I, are in control of where we ultimately end up. Nobody, not a single person, can define or decide that for you and for me. Only we can. Well, we and the Lord. We can't do this without Him.

If we are presently on a path that leads to not-so-good outcomes, then we can and should revert our course, we can rewrite the stars, as it were. We can change and decide our own destiny.

But turning that steering wheel of our lives is difficult without having One to help us. He will provide the strength and power. He will provide the motivation and resolve. He will provide the guidance and direction. He will provide the encouragement and support. All we have to provide is a desire and a willingness.

So, reach for the stars. Don't settle for the tree tops. If we find we can only reach the ceiling, rewrite the stars. Rewrite the course of life. Little by little, our reach will be extended. But we first have to want to.

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