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April 9, 2022 - Momentum

With frightening speed, a testimony that is not nourished daily “by the good word of God” can crumble. Thus, the antidote to Satan’s scheme is clear: we need daily experiences worshipping the Lord and studying His gospel. I plead with you to let God prevail in your life. Give Him a fair share of your time. As you do, notice what happens to your positive spiritual momentum.

President Russell M. Nelson, "The Power of Spiritual Momentum", General Conference, April 2022

Sometimes we are put into a situation where we are surrounded by non-believers or even surrounded by downright evil. Oft times we stand alone. Granted, we are not ever alone but through mortal eyes, we are visibly alone.

In those situations, a testimony of Jesus Christ and the gospel truths are the ONLY life vest in the water. We NEED to be wearing it or we'll drown.

There will be those that will influence us, or try to anyway, to swim into dangerous waters. There may even be those who actively try to push us under water. We NEED that life vest.

And we need to nourish that testimony daily. Through spiritual experiences, daily repentance, and giving time to God.....daily! That is how we move forward with spiritual momentum. Otherwise, we start rolling backwards and, sooner or later, speed picks up and momentum takes us the wrong way.

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