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April 9, 2020 – Always Remember Him

I invite you to commit to a lifelong process of discipleship. Make and keep covenants. Throw your old ways into deep, churning waterfalls. Completely bury your weapons of rebellion with no handles sticking out. Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, making covenants with a real intent to reliably honor them will bless your life forever. You will become more like the Savior as you always remember Him, follow Him, and adore Him. I testify that He is the firm foundation. He is dependable, and His promises are sure.

Elder Dale G. Renlund, “Unwavering Commitment To Jesus Christ”, Ensign, November 2019

I catch myself often getting caught up in worldly distractions. Stressing about work, trying to better myself physically, concerning myself with this epidemic and how it may affect loved ones, involving myself in mindless entertainment, and a myriad of others things that have no bearing on my eternal progression.

That’s not to say that what I do is inherently bad (good, better, best remember), but I find that I don’t “always remember Him”. It seems impossible. How can I better that? How can I always remember Him?

To me, remembering Him doesn’t always mean thinking of Him, necessarily. Although that’s an important part of remembrance. We need to consciously bring Him into our thoughts often. And sometimes that only happens when we, again, consciously focus on Him, through scriptures, prayer, hymns, etc. So, is it impossible given everything we need to do?

We can’t always think of Him. We have to live in the world. We have to work, raise children, pay bills, sleep, etc. We cannot just sit in the temple everyday, all day, praying and reading scripture. Be nice if we could, but that’s not practical.

So how can I?

How I live is just as important as what I do in life. Emulation is certainly a way to remember Him, even honor Him. But I fall short. Working on aligning my character to His, I am remembering Him. Everything He did wasn’t always eternally important either so I have to go easy on myself. He had mortal requirements too, like eating and sleeping.

Why I live in the world is another way. Why do I raise and support a family? Why did I choose this? I do it because of love. Love of my family, others, and love of the Plan of Salvation. I shouted for joy to do this. Sometimes, I wonder why.

Where I choose to stand also shows my commitment to Him. Is where I stand a holy place? How can I make it holier? Where I physically stand isn’t as important as where I spiritually stand.

This brings me to the “what” I can do to remember Him. The most important thing that I can do is to forget myself. How can I better someone else’s life? Afterall, they have worries and concerns too. What can I temporally do for someone else? What can I spiritually do? When I think of others I am remembering Him.

Stay positive always. Christ was never negative. Have a song in your heart. You can whistle…like my mom.

Constantly trying to be like Christ. Doing what He asks. Following in His footsteps. Looking towards Him. Bettering myself. This is how to remember Him.

As today’s Easter lesson suggests, actually write down how you’ve been blessed. The top 10 blessings in your life. Then, I might add, write down the top 10 things you can do to make someone else’s life a bit better. Doesn’t have to be a grand gesture at all. But, make sure to do them.


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