April 7, 2020 – Love thy neighbor

“Giving help to others—making a conscientious effort to care about others as much as or more than we care about ourselves—is our joy. Especially, I might add, when it is not convenient and when it takes us out of our comfort zone. Living that second great commandment is the key to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ”

  1. President Russell M. Nelson, “Hear Him through Service”, Easter Study Resources, April 2020

When we give service to others, it’s not just helping someone move, or mowing a lawn for someone, or watching someone’s kids (pro bono), or whatever we normally associate with serving others. Typically, we associate service with some physical action.

But that’s not always the case, or doesn’t have to be. The Lord never said to only do something physical where others cannot.

Serving others could be lending an ear, just listening to someone. It could be reading someone a story. It could be just being there in support without even saying a word. It could be doing household chores for someone. It could be making a meal for someone. It can even be just giving someone a hug and letting them know you’re there, you’re right beside them.

It could be many things. Just lifting another, or making someone smile, brightening someone’s day, etc., doing what the Savior would do if He were here in the flesh.

Doing this does two things to us: 1) It shows that we can put other’s needs above our own. It helps us to be selfless not selfish. We are fulfilling the two great commandments ; we are loving our neighbors and in the process we are showing Heavenly Father that we love Him 2) By lifting others we are lifting ourselves that much further. Or, rather, the Lord is lifting us

Watch “The Greatest Commandment” video. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/bible-videos/videos/the-greatest-commandment?lang=eng


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