April 6, 2020 – Act as if He were your companion for a day

“As you shift your focus away from worldly distractions, some things that seem important to you now will recede in priority. You will need to say no to some things, even though they may seem harmless. As you embark upon and continue this lifelong process of consecrating your life to the Lord, the changes in your perspective, feelings, and spiritual strength will amaze you!”

  1. President Russell M. Nelson, “Spiritual Treasures”, General Conference, October 2019

The Church has put out an Easter study plan this week, found in the Gospel Library app. The first lesson for today involves how we Hear Him. I’ve already posted on this invitation so I wanted to focus on eliminating or minimizing worldly distractions and what we can do to make that happen. These are just suggestions.

The best thing to do to start, is to find something in your life, in our lives, that we wouldn’t necessarily do if Christ were physically in our presence. Make a goal NOT to do that. If He were to spend time with us, what would we avoid? What would we do instead? Focus, then, on doing those things this week, starting today.

For today also, find in the scriptures the few times that Heavenly Father introduced His Son. Some questions to ponder… What were the circumstances surrounding why He came to intruduce Him? Why were those circumstances different than others? Does it make the circumstances more meaningful? What did He say? When Heavenly Father is involved, is it more important?

I think that Heavenly Father loves each of us more than we can fathom. He knows that through His Son is the ONLY way back to Him. When He speaks, not through the Spirit, although that’s important too, but when He speaks in person, we have to, we need to, listen and act. He is urging us to act without violating our agency. He is pleading for us to do what He says without forcing us to. He is giving us the choice but, me as a parent with my finite comprehension, deep down I know He is hoping that His children choose Him. He is sad beyond our comprehension when we don’t.

Lastly, watch the video of Christ cleansing the Temple. Why did He do that? If He were in our homes, would He do that there too? What about our spiritual temples? Do they need cleansing? https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/bible-videos/videos/jesus-cleanses-the-temple?lang=eng


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