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April 4, 2020 – A new heart

One talk from today’s General Conference sessions that made an impression on me is the one from Elder Renlund. Although there have been several that hit me personally, this was one that is on the top of that list.

Elder Renlund talked about Tom Neilson, a grandfather age man and his grandson, Jonathon, with whom he worked side by side during school breaks. They had developed quite a relationship.

Tom suffered from heart difficulties and needed a new heart.

After waiting for some time, his prayers to get a donor heart were answered. The doctors found a heart that was a direct match to his body and blood type.

They soon found out that heart was that of his grandson, Jonathan. Jonathan perished just earlier from a car accident involving a train. At first, Tom did not want or accept it. But later, realized it was part of his plan, and Jonathan’s. Every day, he reflects and ponders on the sacrifices that were made so he could get a chance to prolong and even better his own life.

As I heard that story from Elder Renlund, I received an impression come to my mind that said…”Christ too died for you so that you can receive this life saving heart, if you will accept it.”

I need to reflect and ponder every day on the sacrifice that was made for me so that I can receive a new heart. My life is being prolonged and it is up to me to make it better, make it mean something.

Elder Renlund said…”let your consideration of Their goodness more firmly bind your wandering heart to Them. Ponder Their compassion and you will be blessed with added spiritual sensitivity and become more Christlike”.


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