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April 3, 2021 - Be quiet and still

We hear Jesus Christ better when we are still. Commotion in the world will continue to increase. God's voice is a quiet and still whisper, penetrating the heart. In order to hear this still voice, you too must be still. Quiet time is sacred time. Discipline yourself to have time alone with loved ones.

President Russell M. Nelson, Priesthood Session, General Conference, April 3, 2021

The above from President Nelson is paraphrasing what I remember in his speaking to us at the end of the Priesthood session.

Everything around us is increasing in pace and chaos, it seems like anyway. Noise is surrounding that chaos. In order to be heard, there are voices that are loud. Then someone else needs to be louder.

It is ever important that we find a quiet place and just be still and ponder. Just listen. His voice will be found, we will hear Him. He is, speaking.

And, home should be one of those quiet and holy places that we should be standing.

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