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April 29, 2020 - Prepare ye!

[M]ost of us are spending considerable time at home and have a chance to think about awakening unto God. Perhaps recent events can be a spiritual alarm clock focusing us on those things that matter most. If so, it will be a great blessing in this period to concentrate on things that we can perfect in our lives and how we can bless the lives of others as we awaken to God and move along the covenant path.
In due time, temples will open, and we will be able to gather as congregations and continue the work of salvation. All the things that are necessary to accomplish the Lord’s plan — will continue and bless His people. We will joyfully participate together in the ways that have blessed our lives in the past.
We will look back on this as a foundational time of preparation, and not just something we had to endure.

Elder Gene R. Cook, "Revelation guided an 'interlocking pattern of strength' that now sustains the Church during COVID-19", Church News, April 29, 2020

During this time of isolation, of reflection, of reprioritizing, we have been given the blessing of time. How are we using that additional time? How am I utilizing it? I ask myself more than I'd like too and the answer is always...I can do better.

This is truly an opportunity for us as a church and individually. We will look back on these moments as life changing, or testimony strengthening. We will look back on these moments knowing we are not sufficient in our preparation. I believe Heavenly Father is giving us a wake up call to get ready for challenges that still lie ahead. A wake up to prepare ourselves temporarly, with food and water, with everyday cleaning/hygiene supplies, and, of course, with toilet paper.

A wake up to prepare ourselves spiritually. To fill our lamps. To strengthen our testimonies and our faith in Christ. To help those around us to do the same.

Remember, a tree is worthless when the winds come unless the roots are deep and strong. Focus on the roots. Everything else will grow into place where it should.

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