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April 28, 2020 - What legacy will you leave?

"As Zeniff explains, the Lamanites hated the Nephites because they’d been taught—falsely—that Nephi was a schemer who robbed Laman of his right to rule (see Mosiah 10:11-17). The Lamanites believed this because they learned it from their parents, who learned it from their parents, and so on, back to the original lies from Laman and his followers. Think of all the damage those lies caused over the centuries!
But truth can have far-reaching effects, too. Abinadi has exactly one recorded convert—Alma, who then founded the church and baptized hundreds of people.
What impact will you have on your descendants?"

Author Unknown, "A Quick Thought from Come, Follow Me (Mosiah 7-10)", Gospel Living app


The fact that we, as a society, tend to believe what we hear or read, even because someone we trust tells us, is why lies are handed down. Not that the person we trust is intentionally deceiving us, maybe they are. Or maybe they are listening to someone they trust. And so on.

The Holy Ghost is the only we can trust to listen to. Well, all of the Godhead, but they usually use the Spirit.

When we hear or read something that sounds true or logical, we should ask Heavenly Father. That will avoid situations like the Lamanites found themselves in.

There are not so good people everywhere we go. Some seem trustworthy too. Some even appear as angels of light. Trust God. Trust Christ. Trust the Spirit.

Do it for the ones that trust you.

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