April 25, 2021 - Beautiful Harmony

As our hearts change and we receive His image in our countenance, we see Him and ourselves in His Church. In Him, we find clarity, not dissonance. In Him, we find cause to do good, reason to be good, and increasing capacity to become better. In Him, we discover abiding faith, liberating selflessness, caring change, and trust in God. In His Inn [from the Good Samaritan parable], we find and deepen our personal relationship with God, our Father, and Jesus Christ.

Elder Gerrit W. Gong, "Room in the Inn", General Conference, April 2021

In Elders' quorum today, we talked about what "dissonance" is. Music was brought up, specifically harmony in music.

When a chord is played in music, you have 3 or more different notes being played at once that harmonize with each other. These notes play beautifully together, they play off each other. They sound like they are meant to be played together. They are called consonant chords.

Well, in music, also, you have, what is called a "dissonant chord", which is a chord where one of those notes in that chord mentioned above is NOT meant to be played with the others. It is in complete contrast to the other notes. It just sounds wrong, sometimes eery. If you've every watched a horror film, dissonant chords are played all the time, for that reason.

In gospel terms, in Christ there is complete, beautiful harmony. There is no doubt. There is no confusion. There is nothing negative. Without Him, there is complete dissonance. We find doubt and question. We find utter chaos. We don't find any positivity.

With so much dissonance in today's world, we need harmony. We need clarity. If we go looking for doubt, we will absolutely find it. It's easy to locate. However, if we face toward Christ, we will find harmony. The longer we face Him, the more harmony we will find.

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