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April 25, 2020 – Fix what we can’t

“Our Heavenly Father, referring to His Beloved Son, said, “Hear Him!” As you act on those words and listen to Him, remember, joyfully and reverently, that the Savior loves to restore what you cannot restore; He loves to heal wounds you cannot heal; He loves to fix what has been irreparably broken; He compensates for any unfairness inflicted on you; and He loves to permanently mend even shattered hearts.”

  1. Elder Dale G. Renlund, “Consider the Goodness and Greatness of God”, General Conference, April 2020

I definitely have a physical issue that I can’t fix on my own. Sometimes I wonder why, after all the New Testament stories that say Jesus walked helping and healing everyone, He hasn’t healed me.

Then I think there is more to these New Testament stories that aren’t recorded in the Bible. Jesus doesn’t do anything without our willingness and desire to want to be helped. We have to do the work. We have to WANT to do the work.

So, what happens when we do do the work? When our desire and willingness are there? Maybe I’m not doing enough work. Or maybe my desire, my faith, isn’t strong enough. Or….maybe it is NOT the Lord’s will right now. It’s not in His timeline.

Faith in the Lord requires faith in His timing afterall. I’m sure there are countless others who were helped when Jesus walked the earth that were not healed immediately because it wasn’t in line with God’s will. And those stories were not recorded. Alma and Amulek had to endure many, many things before the Lord stepped in. Why should we expect anything else?


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