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April 21, 2020 – Light is brighter because of the dark

“[F]aith is what gets me through these dark times. Having faith doesn’t mean nothing bad is going to happen. Having faith allows me to believe that there will be light again. And that light will be even brighter because I have walked through the dark. As much darkness as I have witnessed over the years, I have witnessed far more light. I have seen miracles. I have felt angels. I have known that my Heavenly Father was carrying me. None of that would have been experienced if life was easy. The future of this life may be unknown, but my faith is not. If I choose to not have faith then I choose to only walk in darkness. Because without faith, darkness is all that is left.”

  1. Kim Olsen White, as quoted by Elder Gary E. Stevenson, “A Good Foundation against the Time to Come”, General Conference, April 2020

Sometimes, even many times, we have to experience the bitter, the difficult, the sorrowful, even the painful in order to know and appreciate the sweet, the easy, the happiness, and the pain free. There’s a reason there is opposition in all things.

The Lord knows what He’s doing. When we, ourselves, experience difficulties, it’s rarely not only us, ourselves, that are learning from those experiences. Many times, others are learning just as much, if not more, because of what we’re passing through.

I was talking with my mom earlier today, and she brought up the fact that maybe it’s her children or grandchildren that are learning to fast and pray deeper, establishing a stronger relationship with the Father, because of what she is going through.

Thinking about that, I can now see that in the various circumstances through which I have passed. I wasn’t the only one learning.

Again, talking with mom, she said that my grandpa Adam’s did not want to be a burden on those he loved that were taking care of him. He thought it would be better if Father would take him from this earth already. Mind you, he was in no way suicidal or depressed, just didn’t want to be a burden. He wanted to contribute as much as possible (and he did in many ways). Mom then replied to him after he said that, saying that if he wanted Heavenly Father to just take him, he would be denying mom of the blessings of her service in taking care of him.

Almost always, when I think of the difficult things that I put my loved ones through because of my limitations (and will yet put them through as time goes on), I don’t tend to focus on the good that others have or will have and the blessings they receive because of their opportunities to serve. It’s hard not to focus on the difficulties that others will have because of me and not the blessings they will get because of those difficulties.


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