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April 2, 2021 - Why Easter?

Our covenant relationship with Christ allows for a fullness of hope! That hope is the message of Easter, and in a world that is increasingly apathetic about God and religion, Easter matters more than ever. People can call it spring break if they want, but Easter will eternally be about the Christ on Calvary.

Brad Wilcox, "Because of the Christ on Calvary", Deseret Book 2020

Holidays have always been a break for me from regular life. Break from work. Break from other responsibilities, but of course not all of them because there is no break from parenting and such. Just relaxation, for the most part, physical and mental relaxation.

But some holidays are way more than that. Like Easter, or Christmas. These events not only changed the whole of humanity, but we would not ever progress without them. We would be stuck. We would be subject to satan.

I have to be cognizant and intentional in pondering the true meaning of why we are celebrating these holidays in the first place. The majority of the world just looks forward to having a break, or they don't even celebrate these crucial events at all, because they don't care, don't believe, or don't know.

So, my plan this Easter is to study, ponder, and pray specifically about what Christ did for me. He also did it for everyone, but I'm going to focus on what He did for me. Why is this season so important and significant to me?

Afterall, He did graven me on the palms of His hands.

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