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April 19, 2021 - God's Timing

There are times we hope for a miracle to heal a loved one, to reverse an unjust act, or to soften the heart of a bitter or disillusioned soul. Looking at things through mortal eyes, we want the Lord to intervene, to fix what is broken. Through faith, the miracle will come, though not necessarily on our timetable or with the resolution we desired. Does that mean we are less than faithful or do not merit His intervention? No. We are beloved of the Lord. He gave His life for us, and His Atonement continues to release us from burdens and sin as we repent and draw close to Him.

Elder Ronald A. Rasband, "'Behold! I Am a God of Miracles'", General Conference, April 2021

Many times I feel I am being punished for not living up to my potential. I just do. First of all, God doesn't do that. He won't intentionally punish me for wrongs I have done. Secondly, it is only I who feel that way, my mortal self causing those thoughts and feelings, they are not divinely whispered to me.

He will, however, allow not-so-good things to happen to me. Things that are supposed to make me rely on Him more. Things that are supposed to humble me. I say "supposed" to because it is up to me which way I go. I can become bitter or I can become better, as Elder Renlund says.

Miracles happen all the time. They aren't, but rarely, big, grand gestures of divine power. They mostly go unnoticed by everyone except the recipient. And they can happen to us often but we just aren't paying attention close enough to notice.

Our Father loves us. He loves us personally, not just as one of His many children. He knows us, better than we know ourselves. He knows what we need and when we need it. His entire purpose is for us.

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