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April 19, 2020 – Broken things will be fixed

“The magnificent, peace-giving promise of the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel is that the Savior will mend all that we have broken. And He will also mend us if we turn to Him in faith and repent of the harm we have caused. He offers both of these gifts because He loves all of us with perfect love and because He is committed to ensuring a righteous judgment that honors both justice and mercy.”

  1. Elder James R. Rasband, “Ensuring a Righteous Judgment”, General Conference, April 2020

Today we talked about serving others and how, doing so, is us serving our Heavenly Father. When we repent and try to apologize and make restitution to others we may have harmed, we are in a sense, serving others. When, through the Atonement, we make things right with somebody else, we are lifting them and us up to higher level.

And anytime we can lift another, we are serving them, and, therefore, serving God.

The Atonement of Jesus Christ can allow for two things in our life; justification and sanctification.

Justification allows us to be forgiven immediately and often, almost daily if we repent daily. Justification is removing the effects of sin.

Sanctification is a bit longer. It is removing the desire to sin in the first place. It changes our hearts. We are born again.

However, sanctification also restores relationships with others we may have harmed along the way. Again, this isn’t immediate, maybe not even in this life. The Savior will mend that which is broken, through His sacrifice. All things are restored and renewed because of the Atonement.


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