April 17, 2022 - Enter

Daily Thought :

Just as it is said of him “He is not here: … he is risen” (Matt. 28:6), so it will be for each of us, because the empty tomb of the Lord Jesus is not only a symbol but also a guarantee of our own resurrection and immortality. It would be a serious mistake and a tragedy for anyone to assume that Jesus was just a great teacher and just a great humanitarian. Because of him, life continues throughout eternity. There is no other name under heaven whereby man will be saved and exalted.

George P. Lee, "Behold My Beloved Son, in Whom I Am Well Pleased", General Conference, October 1982

We, as mortals, do not and cannot comprehend the import of what Jesus Christ IS to each one of us. We cannot fathom what He has done for each one of us, for you and for me....individually.

Because of Him, each of us WILL overcome the sting of physical death. We will rise again, just as He did. He beat death. We will too. How significant is that? Ponder on that. We will live again....forever...because of Him.

Because of Him, each of us CAN overcome the horror of spiritual death. He suffered our exact pains. He paid the price of justice and, therefore, can and does extend His mercy to us. We do not need to live forever with anguish, with regret, with fear, with doubt. Which is what we would do had He not opened the gate for us to enter.

All we have to do is enter.

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