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April 17, 2021 - Proper Foundation

If we build our foundation on Jesus Christ, we cannot fall! As we endure faithfully to the end, God will help us establish our lives upon His rock, “and the gates of hell shall not prevail against [us]” (Doctrine and Covenants 10:69). We may not be able to change all of what is coming, but we can choose how we prepare for what is coming.

Chi Hong (Sam) Wong, "They Cannot Prevail; We Cannot Fall", General Conference, April 2021

Probably my favorite scripture is Helaman 5:12. We CANNOT fall if Christ is our foundation. That is a promise from God Himself and He does not lie. Satan will send forth his winds, his temptation, and his influence, but it will not affect us if we have the proper foundation.

It sounds simple.

But it's not.

Everything we build or construct on needs a good foundation. It doesn't make sense at all to build a nice, beautiful house on the sand. Sand moves. Sand shifts. Even hardened dirt or clay is not sufficient. Foundation must be solid. It must be rock. It must be concrete.

This same concept applies to us building our characters, our beliefs, our principles. The foundation cannot move. It cannot shift.

Doing this guarantees that the winds of the adversary and gates of hell will not knock us over. And those winds can get hard and fast, and those gates are strong. But Christ is stronger and mightier, so He needs to be the foundation.

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