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April 15, 2021 - Cause and Effect

Because He loves us, He challenges us to focus on Him instead of the things of this mortal world. In His great sermon on the bread of life, Jesus taught that we should not be among those who are most attracted to the things of the world—the things that sustain life on earth but give no nourishment toward eternal life. As Jesus invited us again and again and again, “Follow me.”

President Dallin H. Oaks, "What Has Our Savior Done for Us?", General Conference, April 2021

Most days, it seems like the opposition we face is far greater than we can handle. It's so easy to get caught up in the attraction, the allure of secular things. We are all surrounded by that attraction, all the time. Is that part of the adversary’s plan, or is that just because we are in mortality and there are things that we need so that attraction hits home, as they say?

For example, we need to eat. We absolutely have to. Is it the adversary tempting us to eat that delicious hamburger? Or, since we need to eat, we might as well eat something delicious?

There is opposition in everything. There has to be. Whether that's because Satan is thrusting his influence on us daily, or just because there are some things in this mortal life that make it a bit more bearable.

In either case, consequences come whether we want them or not. That's just cause and effect. They can be positive or they can be negative. There is a law irrevocably connected to each decision we make. If we jump in front of a moving train, we will feel it. If we eat that piece of cake, we will feel it. If we commit sin, we will feel it.

The purpose of this life then, is to minimize the negative we feel because of our decisions. It's a constant struggle between what the mind is telling you it wants, and how the body my reacts to what you give it. Our purpose is to listen more and more to our spirit minds and less and less to our physical minds.

Hard to do sometimes.

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