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April 12, 2020 – Because of Him

“Because of Jesus Christ, we will rise from the despair of death and embrace those we love, shedding tears of overwhelming joy and overflowing gratitude. Because of Jesus Christ, we will exist as eternal beings, worlds without end.

Because of Jesus the Christ, our sins can not only be erased; they can be forgotten.

We can become purified and exalted.


Because of our beloved Savior, we can forever drink from the fountain of water that springs up into eternal life. We can dwell forever in the mansions of our eternal King, in unimaginable glory and perfect happiness.”

  1. Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Behold the Man!”, Ensign, May 2018

Today has been a good day. I know it has been a good day because of things that we consciously did to show our respect, worship, faith, desire to learn, and love for our Savior and what He selflessly did for me and for you. Because of that, we “heard” His voice, even the voice of our God. Anytime we hear the voice of God as we worship Him, that day is good.

I am eternally grateful for what Christ did for me. I know that because of Him, not only will I live again, but I can improve everyday as I repent and change for the better. Without Him, I would never progress, I would be doomed to be an angel of the devil. I would be miserable. There would be no hope.


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