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April 11, 2021 - Precious

Some may question if life begins with the formation of an embryo, or when the heart begins to beat, or when the baby can live outside of the womb, but for us, there is no question that spirit daughters and sons of God are on their own personal journeys coming to earth to receive a body and experience mortality.

Elder Neil L. Andersen, "The Personal Journey of a Child of God", General Conference, April 2021

I think about our first granddaughter who we get to meet in June. I am so excited and elated for that special meeting. I am so excited for the opportunity for Zech and Kenzie to be her parents and the privilege that is theirs to guide her and protect her here in mortality.

And I also ponder on my granddaughter waiting in the premortal realm with joy and eager anticipation, and probably a little nervousness, for her chance to come down here to earth. An earth that is wrought with peril, danger, harm, evil, but also an earth filled with joy, love, kindness, goodness, peace, hope, and generosity.

If we focus and look for the good in humanity and life, we will find it. There are good people everywhere. Likewise, if we focus and look for the bad in humanity and life, we will find it. Evil abounds everywhere because of the adversary. There must be opposition in all things.

All that matters is where we put our focus and attention.

With this sacred opportunity to welcome a daughter of God into our family here on earth, she will be depending on Zech and Kenzie, Taft and Nicki, Lori and I, and all of us, to show her the correct way to focus our lives on Christ. The best way to show her that, is by example.

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