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April 10, 2021 - Bitter or Better

Do not let unfairness harden you or corrode your faith in God. Instead, ask God for help. Increase your appreciation for and reliance on the Savior. Rather than becoming bitter, let Him help you become better. Allow Him to help you persevere, to let your afflictions be “swallowed up in the joy of Christ.”

Elder Dale G. Renlund, "Infuriating Unfairness", General Conference, April 2021

I think it is way too easy to become bitter. The path of least resistance always leads to a place that we ultimately don't want to go. Therefore, it is always easier and less stressful. That's why so many travel that way, myself included at times.

I also think that too often we use the excuse of being bitter, or being offended, because the straight and narrow path is too hard and sometimes we don't want to put in the effort and work that is required for traveling that way.

What's funny is, that the harder we work at traveling and climbing the straight and narrow path, the happier we are. Why is that?

So, we have a choice, in every situation we find ourselves. We could become bitter and hardened, looking to be offended in everything that happens to us. Or, we can become better and more Christlike, looking with an eternal lens at what happens to us, and why it is happening.

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